Business Models for Lightworkers

If you are a coach, healer, therapist, herbalist, or any kind of Lightworker, and your business offerings feel a bit scattered, then this post is for you.  I come across a lot of healers particularly who have a wide range of skills, and sometimes at first glance it seems that these skills are an unlikely combination.

Perhaps you also feel a bit scattered in your business, that you offer a ‘bit of this’ and a ‘bit of that’.  If that’s the case, I wonder how that affects your confidence in your business?

Today I’d like to put your mind at rest by telling you how I help my clients to weave together their skills in a coherent way, by helping them to create a simple model.


Why a model?

Having a simple model really helps you and your clients alike.  For your clients, they can see your methodology, how you work and the value you bring at a glance.  And for you, this helps to keep your business world feeling streamlined and logical.


Right meets left

Our brains are organised into two hemispheres, the left and the right.  For almost all of us (there are a few rare exceptions), the right hemisphere is associated with creativity, and this is where a lot of Lightworkers really thrive.  Life in the right side of the brain is colorful and full of light, love and those magical unicorn skills that you are known for.

Our left hemisphere is associated with logic, and is perhaps not somewhere that creative people want to spend too much thinking time.  People who are left brain dominant tend to work in very strategic, non-creative roles, such as accounting, auditing, or air traffic control… but to be honest, that last one does sound a bit exciting!

The point I want to make here is that as an empath, healer, or creative person it is likely that you are less in touch with your left brain, and work mostly from your right.  When we get into talking about business models, we aren’t talking about packing up our business and moving it across the brain to live in the (boring) left hemisphere.  Rather, I like to think of it as the right brain co-operating with the left and working together to bring some essential logic and structure to your colourful, empathic and creative world.

With a little balance, a little input from both sides, a creative business can really thrive.  And the best part of this is that you can use your creative right brain in the process of creating a structure for your logical left brain!

Want to know how?  I think you’re going to love this…


Creating your model

The way that I create models for people is by getting creative with words and producing an acronym that sums up the way the clients works, and also feels good to the clients.

To give you an example, we could look at my own business model.  I came up with the acronym ‘NINJA’ as it sums up what I am (a ninja works effectively with full focus on structuring the steps towards the goal) and the letters help to give structure to the core parts of what I actually do.


N – The first N in my model stands for natural ability – here we look at your life story.

When I sit with a new client and they tell me their life story, this is often where natural abilities they have come out, and sometimes they were abilities the clients hadn’t really considered that special, but they are!


I – The I stands for Identity.

We are all unique and we have our unique way to help our clients. I help my clients to clarify their identity, and put that into words so that they can communicate it in an easy way to their clients.


N – The second N stands for Network and Resources.

An important part of the process when I’m helping a client is to identify who is in their network; so who can help them with spreading their message, take over where they have weaknesses, help them overcome struggles or cheerlead.


J – The J stands for Journey. The inner and outer

Like sailing a boat you have to have a compass to navigate by, otherwise you will get lost. Just a couple of degrees to the wrong side in the beginning can make you go more and more off course, and make you end up on the other side of the world. If you don’t have a realistic step by step plan for your business and you don’t deal with things coming up in your mind, you might get lost.


A – Finally, the A stands for Accelerate and Scale

Once a client has their basic business model in place, it is time to increase the volume of people working with them (accelerate), and to refine the way they work to make it easier to handle more people (scale).


I hope my example helps you to imagine having a simple business model of your own. I really enjoy making an acronym-style model as it’s a creative approach, and something that you can match to your brand and identity, making it feel really personal and natural for you.

If you recognize yourself as a very right-brained business owner who could benefit from some NINJA-style left brain integration, then download my video where I show you how to work with your business methodology.