Structuring your business offerings

We’ve all heard about the differences between people who are left-brain dominant and right-brained dominant. It is likely you will identify quite strongly with one hemispheric dominance or the other.

If you are like my typical client, a Lightworker, healer, helper, dreamer or other magical being, then you will favour your right brain.

The right lobe of the brain is known to be the creative, intuitive and colourful side. It is commonly associated with artists, performers and creators.

Where as the left lobe of the brain is known for logic, maths and organisation. This side is attributed to people in financial and operational roles.

If you struggle with the operational or financial aspects of your business, or just organising and streamlining your work in general, then you might have the feeling that you should be more left-brained.

But I don’t want you to go changing!

The world needs more magical unicorns like you, so please stay in your colourful, creative headspace. And anyway, you can’t force a square peg into a round hole, just like you can’t force a creative person to work mainly with the opposite side of their brain.

So what’s the trick?

Simply put, it’s about communication – your left and right sides of your brain need to both play a part in those conversations about your business.  Let’s look at it like a collaboration.

Structure your business to let your skills shine through

Many Lightworker clients of mine have an absolute wealth of knowledge at their fingertips.

A lifetime of being highly sensitive and intuitive has given them the ability to work holistically with their clients, tailoring treatments and solutions to the individual with ease.

But then when it comes to explaining how they work, they find it hard to put it into words, as it has literally come from a lifetime of learning and experience. It all feels like too much to explain.

So if you can’t explain it, then how can you structure it into a short list of business offerings that you can promote and charge money for?

This is where your left brain can be a really helpful friend, if you let it. So when did you last let your left brain join in the conversation?

The last time you may have really let your left brain come out to play might have been for something typically boring, like organising your books or doing your taxes, for example.

I know, that’s not an inspiring thought, but this is why you need your right brain to be a part of the conversation too – that’s where the inspiration, colour and fun comes from!

The trick here is to not think of the structure and organisation part of your business as being on a par with your tax return or another boring chore. 

Instead, think of approaching this work as a way for your left and right brain lobes to collaborate.

When you are giving structure to your business, refining your offerings and even describing your services, you can use your creative side to give your structure a little sparkle.

This is something I like to do with my business model creation – using words and producing an acronym that sums up the way your skills help your clients.

The structure that you create for your business doesn’t have to be a boring list, flowchart or spreadsheet. It can be something attractive and inspiring to look at. 

When you can get your left and right brain sharing the conversation, you may be surprised how much freer you feel in your business.

The structure tidies up those loose ends that may have previously been blocking your creativity. 

If you had ever felt that you couldn’t possibly add any more strings to your bow or offerings to your toolkit because there was already too much in your business, this new simplified feel that comes with structure will give you even more space, so you can add in more when you are ready.

Why not try letting your left brain talk to your right and see what you can come up with? If you have a breakthrough then I’d love to hear about it, so please tell me in the comments.

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