If you are someone who despairs at the thought of creating content for your business blog, or having to find topics for videos, then today’s post is for you!

I know so many small business owners and Lightworkers who spend many hours (and a lot of energy) worrying that they have nothing ‘new’ or ‘relevant’ to say, and so they don’t ever get started.

It’s not only a shame to not share your wisdom with the world, but it’s bad for your business too – content is powerful for marketing your business.

So I’m here today to tell you that if you feel you have nothing to offer the world, then you are missing a really big trick.

Your life story is value-packed with inspiration, lessons learned, and confirmation that nobody is alone in this world.

I’m sure you have sat and listened to a speaker tell you about their twisty path through life and business, with many ups and downs on the way to where they are today.

How did their story make you feel?

If I were to guess, I’d say you were reassured to know you’re not alone, as you have walked a twisty path too. I’d also suggest you were inspired, and maybe came away with new ideas for yourself to try.

And finally, I’d suggest that you learned something of value from them.

Well, guess what? 

It’s going to be exactly the same when you are the one talking – whether you are talking from a stage, talking into your phone for a Facebook or YouTube video, or writing a blog post or newsletter for your followers.

When you feel like you don’t have anything to offer – look within.

You have a life story.
You’ve learned lessons that you can pass on.
You’ve made mistakes that others can relate to.
You’ve been hurt, inspired, energized, burnt out, loved, ignored, you’ve suffered and succeeded.
And each one of us has a story as unique as our own fingerprints – no two stories are quite alike!

I hope you already know why your personal story has value, for the reason I started this post with.
We all enjoy learning from each other.
Stories connect us, reassure us, and inspire deeply.

How this applies to your business

When it comes to your business, a big part of the work you do will be gaining visibility so new potential clients can find you, and also staying in touch with your existing tribe so you stay memorable to them.

I’m sure you will already be sharing content with them that is specific to what you do as a coach, healer or Lightworker. But have you shared your personal story yet?

If not, then this idea might feel a little exposing at first. 

I know that your story is personal, but you will be amazed at how much closer it brings your clients to you. You will go from being a respected source of information on your niche, to a relatable person… who is also a respected source of information on your niche!

Your personal story is not just another fantastic source of content, but it’s also something that will help your clients get to know, like and trust you even better.  Having that personal connection with them makes you more ‘real’ in their eyes, and that’s really appealing.

Think about who you would rather do business with: a polished professional who says the right things but you don’t feel a connection to… or someone who feels professional AND who feels human, real and relatable.

The answer is the human, right?

Another great effect of sharing your story and opening up your human side, it that it should make speaking, recording videos, doing Facebook live (or any of those other ‘scary things’ we put off) actually feel a bit easier.

Why is that?

Once you’ve given yourself permission to share who you are and to be a little vulnerable, it becomes so much easier to let perfectionism go!

It suddenly won’t feel so important to read from a script and get very word perfect. You will start to relax and speak more conversationally – and that’s great for everyone!

Where to start

If you don’t know how to start telling your story – begin with the part that’s most related to your business. Answer this question…

“How did your passion for the work you do today begin in your life?”

That should open the flood gates – grab a pen and just go for it. Jot it down, a rough draft or even just a list of points is great – don’t stress about making it perfect. You can edit your work later and turn it into anything you want; a blog post, a video script, or a Facebook post. For now, just let it flow…

Your story is the most powerful thing you can tell to connect with your clients. When you do start telling it, just be prepared for new people to reach out to connect with you. From a business marketing perspective, you need to make sure they know how to reach you, so you can connect via email, phone, or whatever works for you.

If you need help with how to capture you new business leads and start converting fans into clients, then reach out to me for a chat.