In previous blog posts of mine, I have explained the importance of giving structure to your Lightworker, healing or coaching business, which then allows your unicorn skills to shine through.

You will already be familiar with your own skills, although as I’ve seen with clients of mine you may be underappreciating all you have to offer the world.

We do tend to play down our own skills. After all, when we use them everyday they become normalized to us. But it’s worth remembering that to your ideal clients, those skills you have are powerful and very valuable.

So if you needed that reminder today, you are welcome 😉

But what I really want to talk about today is the magic that happens when your skills are combined with a good business structure. What you then have is a business model that allows you to reach all the right people, help them, do good in the world, and pay your bills all at the same time.

Sounds like the dream, right?

Well it’s a very viable possibility. Many Lightworkers are doing it, and I want to show you how you can do it too.

When the magic happens and you can unfold…

If I were to sum up this magic in one word, it would be ‘marketing’. Maybe that surprises you, but let me explain why. 

At the core of what marketing does, is your message. The job of marketing is to get your clear message in front of your ideal customers. 

When your message is really clear, those ideal customers of yours can actually identify themselves – meaning you don’t have to chase them or spend a lot of your time and energy convincing them that you can help.

If you need to grow and find more clients, then getting your message clear is the step that most Lightworkers are missing. 

It’s that clarity that allows you to explain to your potential client exactly what you can offer them. It’s that clarity that allows the people out there to find and approach you.

And it’s also that clarity that allows you to present yourself to the world with confidence, knowing that you can articulate your skills and your value.

When you get your clarity, it’s like that big bang that creates your business universe – the stars begin to align!

I understand that many Lightworkers can feel put off by the term ‘marketing’, as it sounds like a whole big world that they don’t understand. That feeling is intimidating, so I really want to demystify it for you.

Sure, there is a lot to the marketing industry that you don’t know about – but much of it you don’t need to know about to run a successful Lightworker business. All you really need to get going are these core principles of a clear message shown to the right people.

When you can say what you do, and tell that to people who need what you do, then you’ve got what you need to make an income in your business.

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