Tina Hansen

Business Growth Ninja

Hi! I’m Tina and I serve dreamers, lightworkers and unicorns to go from chaotic mindset into a clear business model so that they get aligned and able to communicate their heart-mission into the world, help more people and build a succesful business around their true identity.

My Story

In have always created a business concept in theory, as a mere thought and then I started from there, building on the concept, structuring this business idea, making it into reality, reaping the monetary results after which I decided it was time to move on and close or sell the business.

Little did it occur to me, what if, this idea did not succeed, nor that I could not make it. “Just do it, off we go…..!”

This has always been my way of thinking and conducting business. Sometimes I even have 2 projects and businesses running at the same time and I love the excitement!

Back in Italy:

Without my business network and safety net and with my boyfriend leaving early every morning for work (in Italy you are expected to work until 7 pm, and if you are the CEO of the company rather till 8 or 9 pm) I suddenly found myself lonely.

The thought of where to channel my energy, combined with the “what if” I created and built up a business and then having to move again, made me feel stuck and helpless in a way I had not experienced before.

I continued having these thoughts, which prevented me from moving ahead, realizing that I had sold my businesses in the past and moved on making these decisions voluntarily.

What if I was forced to make them!

Unknown Feeling

It was a very unknown feeling for me, and it kept me from starting up again, as I felt “stuck between a rock and a hard place”.

In fact, not true, I did create several “blogs” and online travel guides about Italy, but without feeling inspired to do so.

I did not feel like being the author of a “blog”, nor did I wish to be thrown into the “social media network” arena – yet….

With my new life living abroad, traveling a lot and meeting people from different countries, I realized that building an online business made totally sense. The business would move with me, wherever life would take me and I could get the job done anywhere, any place.

Building Online Businesses :

The passion for building a successful online business grew, and within 4 months I had built the foundation to my first online business, held my first webinars and sold my first online products.

I had found a new way to build a business and I loved it. I was fascinating to me how it opened a wealth of opportunities. I could find my own tailormade constellation and inspire people all over the world.

 Since the beginning of 2015 I have been involved with building online businesses. I did this myself, but also assisted others and broadened their horizon of the world of online business.

My strength has alway been organizing, structuring, planning – pulling all the right strings to make things happen at the right time and helping others to structure their dreams into a successful business has made me realize that that is my calling.

I feel passionate about seeing people develop their skills and assisting in pulling it all together. I want you to “blossom” to your fullest.

Mission :

Everybody, whose passion is to share their calling with the world and help people to get a better life, needs a clear strategy. My mission is to help dreamers, lightworkers and unicorns structure their knowledge and passion into a profitable Business Model so that they can get their message out into the world and build their dream-business..

I will meet you at eye level, knowing what it means to be an entrepreneur and I will be your sparring partner and structure NINJA so you can get your message out. 

Write me for a noncommittal talk: info@tinahansen.dk


I have a gift for you

I have made a Video Masterclass where you learn simple steps to get total clarity about how to communicate all the knowledges you have in a clear way, You go from Mind-Chaos to a understandable structured Business Model.

Get Clarity On Your Business Message And Identity NOW So That You Can Bring Your Gifts To The World And Help Those Who Need It!