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Hi! My name is Tina and I serve dreamers, lightworkers and unicorns to go from chaotic mindset into having a clear business message so that they feel aligned with their true Identity and are able to communicate their heart-mission into the world, help more people and build a successful business.


“In only some minutes the amazing NINJA captured my essence. She saw ME and helped me to create a model for my educational program what was really  important for the next step in my life and for my business.

I truly recommend Tina’s work and expertise”

Joana Soares

“Tina’s technique on finding ideas around a simple word really
impressed me!

It only took her a few minutes to come up with an amazing concept for my vision.
She is a true NINJA. Thank you so much Tina”

Delia Carolina

“I have worked with Tina in ares relating to launching my online
platform. Tina is a very gifted and present business coach. She has a very caring and emphatic nature, which she shares with you, while taking you through the process of bringing un-surfaced gems from the depth of your business message into reality.

Working together with her is creative and fun and the quality of the work impeccable”

Charlotte Banff

About Me

My name is Tina Hansen.
I am an entrepreneur, who has initiated, successfully run and sold six businesses.

In 2014 my boyfriend and I decided to move to Italy – he got a job opportunity – and I with the
intend of starting business number 7. At that time I did not give it another thought, believing I could
continue where I left off.

I was soon to learn otherwise.